One of the first words I learned in Italian was sciopero, strike. Now I know it in Greek and Turkish, too. I learned these new phrases this morning upon arrival at the port in Lesvos. The ferry to Turkey was cancelled in accordance with a three-day strike at international customs. (That’s how it’s done! A Wednesday-Saturday strike. None of this 24-hour nonsense.)

Being stuck on the spectacular and sparsely populated island of Lesvos isn’t the worst thing that has happened to me recently. And as Greeks nationwide strike against austerity measures, I think I’ll take a dip in the pristine sea, followed by a massive fish lunch accompanied by some ouzo. If I really splash out the bill might breach €20. Yeah being stuck on Lesvos isn’t so bad. And in the local fashion, I’ll enjoy myself now and figure out how to pay for it all later.