I might even bring my bike with me!

I have a dilemma. It’s nothing serious. On the contrary, it’s not even a real problem. I’m just a bit conflicted. I have 13 days free next month and I cannot decide where to go. (Yes, I am aware how completely obnoxious that sounds.) I blocked these days off my calendar a few months back. I thought I would take time for myself. No work, no stress, no pulling all-nighters to make deadlines. But the truth is, I’m not suited for leisure time. I hate to relax. I stared having agita a month ago just thinking about unplugging. So I’ve decided to turn my free time into a blog based road trip. I’ll go somewhere with a great food and beverage culture and report from the road. The question is, where should I go? That’s where you come in. Vote on which destination you would most like to read about. The place that has the most votes by May 27 is where I’ll be headed next month. I have come up with the following regions based on suggestions from food and travel loving friends.

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Let the voting begin!