Last month my sister sent me a link to the website This is Why You’re Fat, a photo gallery of dishes with names like “the Thunderdome”, “the McGang Bang”, and “the Fifth Third Burger”. Three stacks of bacon, sausage, elk meat and cheese topped with fried eggs; a double cheeseburger with a hot and spicy chicken sandwich in the middle; 5/3 of a pound beef patty. The descriptions alone are enough to induce a coronary. Who would eat such things? I mean, I certainly would’t eat something so clearly bad for me. Right? Flashback to dinner at Agustarello in Testaccio on Saturday night. Of all the items on the menu the only one that really made sense to order was…salsicce con cotiche e fagioli. That’s fatty pork sausage with pork rinds and beans. Suddenly that McGang Bang doesn’t sound so heavy after all.