The latest guest post from Parla Food intern Adrienne Foley: “Whether you’re feeling lethargic after window shopping on Via dei Condotti, or slightly overwhelmed by the tourist hordes in Piazza di Spagna, Pastificio is a convenient place for a carbohydrate pick-me-up. At 1pm sharp , this pasta shop turns into a crowded lunchtime hot spot packed with locals and visitors who clamor for the undeniably cheap and simple meals.

A few friends and I went on a Friday to carb up after shopping. We entered the shop filled with people indulging on plates, and drinking from large bottles of water and cups of white wine.

Pastificio offers two different pasta dishes that change daily, as well as complimentary cup of wine, and water, all for just €4. For the price and quantity, it is among the best deals in town. But sometimes deep discounts disappoint. My experience at Pastifico was a bit of a letdown, which was intensified by our mistake of not eating in.

My friends and I ordered our pasta dishes to go, figuring we would go eat on the Spanish Steps. After paying, we realized that taking our dish to go excluded the free wine and water. “Next Time!” our server exclaimed, as we questioned why it was not included.

Mistake number two came shortly after, when we took our food to the Spanish Steps. As soon as we sat down, a police officer rudely told us to get up and move along. A recently passed ordinance prohibits eating on or around Rome’s monuments.

We found another place to eat and only then did the tasting commence. I took my first bite and was overwhelmed by the taste of canned tunafish. Usually, I’m a fan of tuna, but this pasta was overpowering. And the pasta had been overcooked. I preferred my friend’s pasta dish, which was properly cooked al dente and dressed with tomato and eggplant.

Overall, I was underwhelmed by Pastificio’s food. Although €4 is a great deal, I did not find the pasta any better than something I could make on my own. It is a convenient spot for a quick, cheap lunch, but do eat in. And not just for the wine! Takeaway orders are smaller than plated portions. If you visit Pastificio, be sure to arrive at 1pm; pasta is first-come-first-serve and sells out quick.”

Via della Croce 8
00187 Roma