• The world of Italian wine, with its 20 regions and hundreds of appellations, can be intimidating. During this tasting held at a wine bar, we will demystify Italian vino by sampling an array of wines paired with food. Sparkling white wines from northern Italy, rich rosé wines from Abruzzo, or reds from Lombardy are just some of what may be covered. This is the perfect experience for those wishing to gain knowledge into excellent, affordable wines and come away with tools to bring a special bottle of Italian wine home or make an excellent selection at their local wine shop. Contact [email protected] for details.
  • This tasting, which takes place at a wine bar, will focus on “natural” wine—wine that has been made with minimal chemical intervention in the vineyard and cellar (the vast majority of wine does not fall into this category!). Unfiltered sparkling wines, white wines made with long maceration on the skins, or reds produced in terracotta amphorae are just some of the varieties we may taste during our time together. We will also address the controversies surrounding Italian wine labeling, seek a definition of the elusive term “natural wines” and taste delicious—and affordable—bottles. Contact [email protected] for details.