New Orleans isn’t all boudin balls, gumbo, and jambalaya. There is also a thriving Vietnamese food culture in the city and my friend Nat and I took a drive to Nine Roses last month for a taste. Behind the strip mall inspired facade we found flavorful pho, garlicky greens and a delectable sweet and sour shrimp soup.

We started with rice paper rolls. The gossamer casing revealed the shredded pork and vegetables within. Light and fresh, they sharply contrasted the fried wads of pork and bechamel we had had the night before at an Uptown dive. Off to a good start.

Next up were two steaming bowls of soup, each perfectly seasoned and endowed with pleasant contrasts. Spoonfuls of hot sauce enhanced the phos’ flavors. A concluding side dish of Vietnamese sauteed in garlic was subtly bitter and brilliantly green.

When all was said and done we agreed that Nine Roses earned a perfect 10. Make the drive out to Gretna and taste for yourself.

Nine Roses
1100 Stephens St.
Gretna, LA 70053