/Near Rome's Campo de' Fiori, Craft Beer and Body Jewelry Unite

Near Rome's Campo de' Fiori, Craft Beer and Body Jewelry Unite

Last night while I was shopping for labret studs taking a stroll, I noticed a brightly lit storefront on Via dei Giubbonari. The street is famous for its boutiques, but this one was different, and not just because it was open at 10PM. The glass displays outside were full of beer bottles and bags of potato chips. Had I died and gone to heaven? Upon closer inspection, said bottles were mainly of craft beer producers, a welcome change from the industrial selection widely available in neighboring Campo de’ Fiori.

Inside, the narrow shop was no larger than 120 square feet. Bottles from Flying Dog, Brew Dog, Almond 22, Brasserie Dupont, Birra del Borgo, and Cantillon filled the shelves. Beside them, ear gauges, tongue rings, and nipple bars were displayed in all their acrylic glory. What beer and body jewelry have in common, I do not know. Nor is it clear why the place is called Nella Stanza di Lu, the name of a Rome based women’s accessories chain that used to occupy the space. Indeed, the shop is owned by Gradi Plato, a beer shop with several locations in Rome. But when there is Saison Dupont to be had, does it really matter?

Nella Stanza di Lu is located at Via dei Giubbonari 46.

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