Have appetite, will travel. That statement pretty much sums up my approach to eating just about anywhere. But it is particularly relevant when I am in London. I stay in New Cross Gate, which is the Anglo-Saxon term for culinary wasteland. Yeah, I’ve been working on my 12th century West Germanic languages lately. Luckily, I am easy walking distance to a handful of decent eateries. Recently, I have tried Ganapati in Peckham, The Greenwich Union in Greenwich, and Meze Mangal in Lewisham. This last place serves perfectly decent Turkish food. Some online reviews rave that this is London’s best Turkish restaurant. I think that is taking things a bit too far. But the lahmacun is really good–anyone who has done their homework will know that the best is found at Mangal 2 in Stoke Newington–and it has plenty more to hold my attention.

In addition to Meze Mangal’s crispy Turkish pizzas, the mercimek çorbası (lentil soup) and acılı ezme (tomato and spicy pepper dip) are pretty good. The ezme, with its wonderful texture and just the right amount of heat, was a highlight. The sarma dolma (stuffed grape leaves) were not as successful. The rice filling was totally bland and the dish was overpowered by the briny grape leaves. Next time around, I’ll stick to the lahmacun and try some kebabs cooked over the charcoal grill.

Meze Mangal
245 Lewisham Way
London, SE4 1XF
Tel: 020 8694 8099