Yesterday during a tragically brief stop in Palermo, I met my friend Conchita at Il Chiosco delle Cremolose for refreshing treat. Located on the elegant Viale della Liberta’ and just beside the Giardino Inglese, the Chiosco serves up absolutely life altering cremolose, a sort of dense granita made with fresh fruit or nuts. Unable to decide on a single flavor, we each opted for the 3 gusti a scelta. Concerned I have not been eating enough protein lately, I ordered pistachio, toasted hazelnut, and almond, polishing them off in record time. I think Conchita was a bit disgusted that I finished mine while she was still working on her first bowl but she was a good sport about it! What can i say? When it comes to the best cremolosa on the planet, I lack impulse control.

Il Chiosco delle Cremolose
Piazza Gentili – Palermo