I hate shopping for anything that I can’t eat, drink, or read. I can’t bear 5 minutes in a clothing boutique or god forbid a shoe store. But I can, and often do, spend hours in produce markets and bookstores. One of my favorite places to browse in Rome (or anywhere else, for that matter) is La Libreria del Viaggiatore. This travel-oriented multi-lingual bookshop on Via del Pellegrino measures a mere 50 square meters, but holds a world of travel literature, guidebooks, and maps, each carefully shelved by owner Bruno Boschin, part man, part encyclopedia, part atlas.

There is an unmatched collection of books about Rome’s food, culture, and archeology, an impressive array of hiking and cycling guides, mainstream guidebooks in English, Italian and French, obscure travel essays, and so much more. Each visit to La Libreria del Viaggiatore is a veritable journey and, whether one is planning a trip or not, just try to leave empty handed. It cannot be done.

Libreria del Viaggiatore
Via del Pellegrino 78
Open 10-14 & 16-20
Closed Sun & Mon AM