It’s not every day that I go to a juice bar. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been to one before last week. Chalk it up to a dearth of such venues in Rome and my general aversion to (non-alcoholic) liquid lunches. On Friday, however, I paid a visit to U-Juice on Via Boncampagni, not far from Via Veneto. My trainer, Coach G, was playing healthy food tour guide in his tireless attempt to change my eating habits.

We got to U-Juice around one and the place was buzzing but it would get packed five minutes later. Since Coach G trains a lot of people at the nearby US Embassy, he is a frequent visitor at U-Juice and got a warm welcome. We ordered our juices (lassis, actually, each with a shot of bee pollen–cuz if you are going to be healthy you’d might was well be ridiculous about it). As the place filled up, some customers sipped juice but most others ate soups, salads, and sandwiches selected from the menus written on chalkboards.

Everything looked delicious and healthy and I’ll definitely go back again to try other offerings. The neighborhood is off my regular dining beat, but U-Juice may warrant a dedicated trip. Don’t worry, though. Coach G hasn’t made me health nut yet. And he can’t stop me from having cheesecake with my juice if I want:)

Via Boncompagni 14 D, 00187 Rome, Italy
Open Mon-Fri 8am–4pm
Tel: 06.45449269