/In Monti, La Barrique Gets Even Better

In Monti, La Barrique Gets Even Better

In May Monti’s best wine bar got a whole lot better. Check out this weekend’s NYT Travel section for my review of the new and improved La Barrique.

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  1. Zalopho September 24, 2012 at 8:34 am - Reply

    I cannot count (because there are so many) how many of your postings that I have saved and passed on to others with links off course. Your NY Time article permits no copying so it cannot go into my Evernote so I cannot share it with others, for example tripmpadvisor, and within minutes after reading it I will have utterly forgotten it. Also FYI this comment app does not support spelling or even editing. But but but I read your blog all the time and I love it. Maybe next time I am in Rome and I f you are hosting another Carburators Brakes event I will tr to sow up. I know, I just typed sow instead of show by my iPad 3 does not let me go back and fix it. Although the concept of sowing up is rather curious, even jinteresting.

  2. Brendan November 13, 2012 at 3:11 pm - Reply

    We were very impressed with the food (I ordered the composizione piccante di burrata and mezze maniche al ragù di maialino, both were superb), but the service was abrupt, unhelpful, and seemingly inexperienced. It wasn’t even the cool, efficient Roman abruptness, just misery. In addition, we had to settle for our 4th wine choice off the list (they still have the old list, and it seems that 75% of it is unavailable), although we enjoyed it, we wanted to change so we asked for a suggestion to avoid going through the list again. We were brought an open bottle of a revolting Primitivo and not even given the chance to taste it before it was left at the table. I would’ve brought it up, but I was with non-Italian colleagues from out of town and they already started pouring it. I’m hoping it was just because it was a Monday night, as my previous experiences (pre-renovation, since 2005) have been very positive here. I’ll give it another chance, as it was a very good meal, but if I get service like that again, they’ll be added to my “lista nera”!

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