Rome’s mayor Gianni Alemanno (source)

Yesterday Rome’s mayor Gianni Alemanno held a press conference to officially launch the food charity “Il pane a chi serve”, a sort of breadbased City Harvest that will see products that otherwise would have been tossed in the trash distributed to local charities. At the moment, the initiative is at work in the 4th and 11th municipality, but there are plans to expand across the city. “Il pane a chi serve” will be put to work in Garbatella, San Paolo, Ostiense, Appio Latino, Monte Sacro, Valmelaina, Castel Giubileo and Casal Boccone. Twenty-five charities will be served by 15 bakeries (9 in the 4th municipality and 6 in the 11th).

An estimated 200kg of baked goods will be collected and distributed to churches and other organizations that feed the hungry. The project stands to make a real difference. Around 200,000kg of bread and other baked goods are produced daily in Rome and 10& 10% of it gets binned.

“Il pane a chi serve” is supported by Unione Panificatori Confcommercio, Acli, and the Comune di Roma. You can check out photos from today’s press conference here.