I can’t eat the tasting menu at Glass or a heap of burrata at Roscioli every day. As much as I love both, I wouldn’t want to. I love simple, cheap fast food*, too. And Rome has plenty of it. The Esquiline district, in particular, is crowded with international food destinations, which are meant to be quick and accessible spots for satisfying and (often) caloric sustenance.

I recently visited on such place, Il Bananito, with my friends Irene and Luis, my local ethnic food gurus. Il Bananito serves Colombian and Peruvian fast food and juices in a small storefront near Porta Maggiore (at on via di Porta Maggiore 39 to be precise).

We got a couple of tamales and a fried potato filled with meat and olives. Washed down with a mango juice, the meal was a bit heavy. A freshly fried array would have been sublime, but these reheated treats hit the spot, or at least filled a void.

*I’m talking pizza by the slice and international street food, not McDonald’s, which is offensive.