At first glance, you wouldn’t guess in a million ice ages that Vice was Rome’s premier artisanal gelateria. It has a bizarre futuristic icy themed decor accented with cotton snow. It’s what I imagine the Ice Club on Via Madonna dei Monti looks like inside. But instead of guidos and Jäger, there is gelato, sorbet and granita.

Vice is located on Via Gregorio VII 385, a 10-15 minute bus ride from St Peter’s Basilica. The flavors are some of the cleanest around and the gelato has an unparalleled creaminess that somehow manages to be extraordinarily light. The ingredients are all-natural and flavors are made without preservatives or added colorings. Fresh, unpasteurized fruits, spring water, and sugar are all that are used in the sorbets. The gelato is made with organic milk, fresh eggs, and high quality ingredients (pistachios from Bronte, hazelnuts from Alba, lemons from Amalfi, and almonds from Noto, just to name a few). The chocolate is sourced from Amedei, Domori, and Valrhona.


I’ve been treating myself to Vice after long Vatican tours and I’m determined to get through all the flavors, which is no small feat. On a recent trip with Lorenzo, my partner in caloric crime, we tried 8 flavors between us. The green coconut and mango combination was a winner and the cheesecake was sensational. A coffee granita with tiramisu cream was a revelation.

Last week, Lorenzo wrote about Vice’s aperitivo, Finger Food Frozen. FFF commences every Thursday at 6pm and features savory gelato based snacks. Mushroom gelato with crispy prosciutto and artichokes, salmon gelato with asparagus cream, and olive oil gelato with raw shrimp are just a few examples of innovations you can find at this alliterative happy hour.