Gola is a podcast on Italian food and how it connects to history, culture, and society. Listen as co-hosts Katie Parla and Dr. Danielle Callegari break down all your favorite Italian bites. They’ll take you along for the ride as they talk about buffalo mozzarella, ‘nduja, nucillo (a.k.a. nocino) and more! Don’t be scared if the subject of medieval witchcraft comes up. Go with it!
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Recent Episodes

Elastic and Extensive: In this densely-packed extra-long episode of Gola, Katie and Danielle talk about the wild and complicated world of Italian grains!

The 4 Ds: After a long love letter to all the golosi, Katie and Danielle get back to regular episodes with a talk about corn. And yeah, things get dark.

End of Women’s History Month Re-Release: Coppertone Ladies: As Women’s History month wraps up and your favorite golose are preparing several new exciting collaborations and episodes, Katie and Danielle are re-releasing a classic conversation about women and food in Italy!

Quicker, Faster: A re-release of Katie and Danielle’s much beloved chat about Lenten foods and fasting practices in Italy!

Moving Food and People: The first guest ever on Gola(!), Pamela Kerpius, comes to talk with Katie and Danielle about her not for profit humanitarian storytelling organization Migrants of the Mediterranean and the issues of food insecurity, identity, and itineracy in Italy today.

Soup to Nuts: In this week’s episode Katie and Danielle take on the Full Italian Meal: from aperitivo to digestivo, antipasti and contorni, primi and secondi, it’s all there! Listen as they explain the why and how of the order of Italian dishes, and then do your Gola homework and make your own complete Italian meal!

For the Love of Alfredo: In the first episode of 2021 Katie and Danielle finally tackle the dish that sends everyone into an authenticity spiral: Fettucine Alfredo! Learn where it came from, where it’s at, and what happened along the way.