If it’s too early for fresh peas, don’t serve peas at all!

The area around the Roman Forum is packed with great wine bars–Bibenda, Cavour 313, La Barrique, and Al Vino Al Vino, to name a few. But only one, Enoteca Provincia Romana, has prime real estate beside the second century Column of Trajan and national calamity monument the Vittoriano. Since opening in 2010, EPR has served excellent cold plates and wine and earlier this month, the permits to serve hot food finally came through. The same great salads, cheese plates, seafood salad, and porchetta are still on the menu, but now there are pasta and hot meat and fish dishes, as well.

The redeemer

A couple of weeks back, Mamma Parla and I visited Enoteca Provincia Romana for a pre-marathon carboload. I ordered the gnocchi with guanciale and peas (good except for the frozen peas), while Mamma P ordered strozzapretti cacio e pepe (good except for the cacio e pepe). The first courses definitely need some work, but we were thrilled with the main, octopus on a bed of locally cultivated purple and yellow potatoes. All components were properly cooked and seasoned, and their flavors were in perfect harmony. Hopefully they’ll work out the kinks soon, though I wouldn’t mind sticking to the cold plates and octopus dish.

Enoteca Provincia Romana
Foro Traiano, 82-84
tel +390669940273