/Danny Macaroons Make a Splash at Christmas

Danny Macaroons Make a Splash at Christmas

If my grandmother weren’t gluten intolerant, I doubt macaroons would be such a big part of the Parla/Cipollina holiday dessert tradition. Same goes for ambrosia (don’t even think about dissing this white trash fruit salad–it defined my childhood). For us, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without these super sweet shredded coconut-based desserts. Macaroons are a bit more appropriate for year-round consumption and my mom makes a very traditional variation pretty regularly. I thought she would appreciate some inspiration for her next batch, so I got her a box of Danny Macaroons, which I picked up at the Brooklyn Flea at Skylight One Hanson.

I managed to hide the wrapped box in the fridge without raising eyebrows and I gave them to my unsuspecting and surprised mom under the tree this morning. She even let me have one, which is the generous gesture she made after tasting one, recognizing its amazingness, and not wanting the supply to end. I snagged a chocolate-banana-nut. She held onto the bourbon eggnog, salted caramel, and chocolate dipped. She was so taken that she didn’t even notice the box sported a hand drawn macaroon licking a shake weight, which is bizarre. I had a hard time explaining it later.

At the moment, Danny Macaroons are only available mainly in NYC and by mail order. You can find them at proprietor Danny Cohen’s stall in the downstairs bank vault at Skylight One Hanson throughout the winter and at selected retailers (full list on the company website).

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  1. Angie December 26, 2011 at 7:27 pm - Reply

    Yumm I love macaroons! And good God, borboun eggnog? YES please.

  2. Laissez Fare January 4, 2012 at 6:25 pm - Reply

    I tried these once, from the Joyride Coffee and Frozen Yogurt Truck, and wasn’t that enamored, but maybe I was just being a miserable and cynical New Yorker (even though I’m not even a ‘real’ New Yorker)? 🙂 I will give them a second try this winter…along with some of the French version (macarons)!

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