2 09, 2008

Novecento, boutique hotel in Venice

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Finding a room in Venice can be a daunting task, regardless of the season. Even in the winter months, quaint rooms with value are booked months in advance. Planning ahead is essential, particularly because the hotels and B&Bs with the greatest value and best locations are often small family run affairs with few rooms. Such [...]

2 09, 2008

Venice Food Companion

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I recently traveled to Venice, a city I have been to just a handful of times. My friend Jessica, an expert on the city, recommended that I bring along Michela Scibilia’s Venice Osterie as a guide. It details bars, wine bars, trattorias, and restaurants for the discerning traveller. Michela is a native of Treviso and [...]

2 09, 2008

Rethinking Venice

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I recently spent a long weekend in Venice, a place I had previously avoided like the plague, considering it to be little more than a giant dock for cruise ships. On previous trips, I was left deluded and confused about what all of the fuss was about. I found Napoleon's interventions in Piazza San Marco [...]