18 03, 2010

Sarde in Saor

2016-01-07T03:41:59+01:00March 18th, 2010|Categories: Culture, Daily Food Photo, Fish, Food & Wine, Gastronomic Traditions, Venice|8 Comments

For me, four days in Venice signifies four portions (minimum) of sarde in saor. I am completely obsessed with these Venetian style sweet and sour sardines. They practically swim in marinated onions studded with pine nuts and raisons. […]

15 03, 2010

Moeche, Lagoon Crabs in Venice

2016-01-07T03:42:00+01:00March 15th, 2010|Categories: Culture, Daily Food Photo, Fish, Fried Foods, Gastronomic Traditions, Venice|5 Comments

Moeche are soft shell crabs found in Venice’s lagoon. I purchased a few of these live ones in the Rialto market and deep fried them for dinner last night. They are a seasonal specialty, found only in the spring when they are “between” […]

2 09, 2008

Ai Artisti, Venice

2016-01-07T14:38:47+01:00September 2nd, 2008|Categories: Food & Wine, Venice|0 Comments

After hours of meandering through the back alleys of Dorsoduro, we were hungry. Blood sugar levels were plummeting and by 3pm on a Saturday, most proper restaurants had already closed for lunch. Thankfully, in Venice there are countless osterie that serve wine, chiccheti (snacks), and small selection of hot meals all day. One such place, [...]