14 09, 2017

Where to Drink Cocktails in Paris

2017-10-03T18:59:12+02:00September 14th, 2017|Categories: Cocktails, Paris, Travel, Wine & Spirits|0 Comments

In May, Imbibe Magazine sent me to Paris to report on the city's cocktail culture. Over the course of five days, I tried nearly 30 bars (I hope to overcome the lingering hangover some day), including institutions like Harry's New York Bar and The Hemingway Bar at The Ritz (neither did anything for me, but [...]

7 04, 2014

A Paris Marathon of Sorts

2017-02-17T15:16:26+01:00April 7th, 2014|Categories: France, Paris|7 Comments

Pretzels and white Alsatian wine are exactly what I crave at mile 24. Six months ago, I signed up for the Paris Marathon and slowly eased into training, weary of injuries incurred in past years. Whether at the table or on the track, I am prone to extremes and accustomed to working through the pain. [...]

14 04, 2010

Chez Dumonet's Wine Cellar

2016-01-07T03:39:53+01:00April 14th, 2010|Categories: Daily Food Photo, France, Paris, Restaurants, Wine & Spirits|5 Comments

Yesterday I visited the cellar at Chez Dumonet, my new favorite restaurant in Paris. It’s a place I could happily be imprisoned for life, subsisting off the thousands of Crémant de Bordeaux, Pauillac, Margaux, and Sauternes and slivers of […]

11 04, 2010

Paris Marathon Carbo Load

2016-01-07T03:39:54+01:00April 11th, 2010|Categories: Carbs, Daily Food Photo, France, Paris|4 Comments

Under normal circumstances, I would never advise anyone to eat pasta in Paris (unless it is part of beef bourguignon). But today is no ordinary day. At 8:45 a.m. 40,000 runners will depart from the Arc de Triomphe for the 26 miles and […]