A week ago the Send Parla Food on the Road poll commenced and now the votes are in. Hong Kong took an early lead, but it was soon overcome by two European destinations, which remained neck and neck for the last six days.

Im happy to report that the last week in June and the first week in July, Parla Food will be reporting from Basque Country. It took the top spot with 34% of the votes; Sardegna was close behind with 26%. Alas, Sardegna will have to wait (I hope not too long–I’ve been itching to get back for ages!), Lyon & Burgundy will be for another time, and if all goes according to plan, I will visit Hong Kong next year.

The “Other” category made a good showing and suggestions included many US destinations, including New Orleans, Vermont, San Francisco, Princeton, and the Pacific Northwest. Sicily and Iceland were top European contenders and Singapore ranked high, as well.

I’ve already had lots of great recommendations of places to visit and I welcome more. Keep em coming!!! Thanks to everyone who participated and I hope to do you proud!!

UPDATE: Parla Food has enlisted an intern for this trip. Her name is Ms. Mamma Parla.